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Grady Berry Ward


Engineer / Everything

Boulder, CO
Silicon Ally

Building software to help effective nonprofits scale their impact. One-half of this two person operation - check us out at

Senior Software Engineer

Boulder, CO

Focus area lead for counter-abuse on Google Drive, working in close collaboration with a plethora of engineering, product, and legal teams. My technical work has focused on broadening protections for Phishing, Malware and CSAM, aligning curatorial and privacy obligations through policy, and dramatically expanding signal collection. Additional areas of non-technical focus include modifications to privacy policy and regulatory compliance.

Software Engineer III

Boulder, CO

A member of first the Drive Data Stewardship team. Projects focused on data validation, fixing large volumes of corrupted data, proof-based testing strategies, and building infrastructure to increase the efficacy of our data protections.

Software Engineer II

Sunnyvale, CA

Owner of a data integrity framework, and the core implementer of a Google's GDPR wipeout changes.


Brandeis University

Waltham, MA

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics. 3.997 GPA. Graduated with highest honors in Computer Science with a thesis on the Graph Isomorphism problem. 12 season varsity athlete, 7 semester Teaching Assistant, 2 year RA, 2 years on student government.

Side Projects

a complete list of side projects can be found here.

Algorithmic Art

I love designing and implementing art that simultaneously beats with a familiar rhythm, while leaving space for unpredictability. Over the last several years I've designed a wide array of algorithms of this ilk: one generable by euclidean constructions, one modeling meteorite composition, one utterly wild, and one interactive and collaborative.

The Fourth Amendment

In 2019 I fell down a rabbit hole reading Supreme Court rulings on the fourth amendment and associated books. I love this area of law both because of its relationship personhood, and because of how challenging it is to reconcile with the increasingly sophisticated encroachment of technology. I expect the future of the fourth amendment to be an active an interesting one, and have written down some thoughts on the fundamental limitations of case law to perform rights balancing, thoughts of how to unwind consumer surveillance, and why we should all seek to write tools of surveillance like a dog's nose.


Serverless technologies are the future, and to facilitate my increasing volume of small side projects, I've built a small suite of tooling for myself to quickly spin up lambdas, databases, and buckets on GCP and AWS. This package of projects is in golang, and components of it are useful for public consumption, including a solid logger/debugger, and a CLI for managing resources as local files. My hope for this work is to eventually build it into a declarative framework for specifying provider-independent serverless infrastructure.

Backcountry Skiing

I love to ski, and I enjoy it even more when I can escape crowds. Backcountry skiing is a well established sport in Colorado, but the majority of guidebooks and courses focus on skiing "high angle" (27 degree plus) slopes. For someone like me who really enjoys low angle (15-27 degree) terrain for it's low-risk and cardio potential, there are far fewer resources. I've started compiling a guide book of routes that are good for this type of skiing within 2h of Denver, and I'm aiming to publish it by the end of the '21-'22 ski season.


I built what I firmly believe to be the best possible algorithm for playing Bananagrams.