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Euclid - Give me a straightedge and a compass...
Sniff - Why _Florida v. Harris_ should be the minimum bar for surveillance
Widmanst├Ątten pattern - Meteorites are beautiful - I learned some chemistry
VOAT - Interactive - Learn CSS while generating creative patterns
Cindi - Algorithmically generated art inspired by Janelle Monae's Metropolis Suite
Terry v. Ohio + Aggregated Infringement - Case level analysis sometimes cannot arrive at agreeable precedent.
Senior Thesis - Senior thesis on the graph isomorphism (GI) problem
Shoe Rack - A simple and fun shoe rack that fits exactly 3x4 pairs of shoes
Shoe Rack 2 - A shoe rack made as a gift - that had to fit in a suitcase
Creditworthy - Thoughts on how Josh Lauer's book "Creditworthy" can help us renegotiate the surveillance social contract.
Narratives - Thoughts on how privacy and identity are related.
Bananagrams - A beautiful algorithm for playing Bananagrams
Parley - Recursive annotations as a counter-proposal to the comment thread
Civil Grand Jury - San Francisco's Civil Grand Jury
CalcU - A course aid for mathematics based on a taxonomy of learning
GoLog - a visual post-hoc logger for golang
Student Union (In Line) - A multi-owner distributed WYSIWYG editor with CDN hosting
Find A Clinic - An effort to make all options clear and comparable to women seeking an abortion
Flux - Modifying attractor parameters via a parameter space orbit
Grady.In - Go-Links for everybody
Hardscrabble - Interactive pair programming webapp for a class of 200+ students
VOAT - Variations on a Theme (Elgar) meets a classic by Frank Stella
Draw Me CSS - Simple framework for making websites that magically appear
GradyDocs - GradyDocs - a shittier version of Google Docs
DumbDB - Dumb databases make for good prototypes
3-SAT decomposition - Using exponential space to perform 3-SAT calculations in polynomial time
Personal Website V3 - The site you find yourself on right now
Personal Website V2 - The deprecated version of my personal portfolio
Personal Website V1 - The very deprecated version of my personal portfolio
Trees - Invertible enumeration of the set of possible Binary Trees
Birth Certificate Scraping - Scraping data from birth certificates between 1900 and 1950 for an Economics paper.
AI Science Test - Basic Tensorflow model predicting results of 8th grade science test
Clock - Something that is more than the sum of its parts can be reduced back to it.
Ward Lab - An academic profile for my father's lab work
WSMD - What should Maddie Do? - A sprint-written tool for the indecisive
Ecology - a command line tool for opinionated management of cloud resources
Zina Ward Website - My sister's professional profile
Kerry Chase Website - A basic website for a politics professor